Vestra at UnCommons in Las Vegas is One of the First Matter Residences

Vestra at UnCommons is a stylish new apartment complex in Southwest Las Vegas. It’s designed by EDI International and features interiors from luxury design agency Jules Wilson. The first residents moved in last month.

Matter is an interoperability protocol that sits on top of Wi-Fi and Thread, meaning it works locally and doesn’t rely on cloud services. It’s meant to allow devices from different brands and ecosystems to talk with each other, so you can control them using one app or voice assistant. That’s called multi-admin control, and the big four platforms – Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod and Samsung SmartThings – all support it.

Other companies, like Philips Hue owner Signify and Yale lock-maker Lockly, have pledged to make their existing Zigbee and Z-Wave products Matter compatible via bridges that add Matter over Thread radios. It’s also possible that some devices – like smart plugs from TP-Link and Aqara and locks from Lockly and Yale – will be able to get upgraded to Matter with an over-the-air firmware update.

The list of devices that Matter supports reads like a who’s who of the smart home industry, with the likes of eWelink, Nordic, Nanoleaf, Sigfox, YEELIGHT and many others all participating. The Alliance says it’ll cover lighting and electrics, heating and cooling, appliances, doors and windows, security and smart locks, and more. matter residences