Voiceovers – How to Find a Good One

When a video production company needs to hire a voice actor, they can go online and search for the right person by using criteria like age, accent, or voice style. There are also agencies that help with this process and offer the best possible options in a short space of time. Choosing a good voiceover artist can make the difference between a great film or project, and one that fails miserably.

Voiceovers are a production technique that is used in filmmaking, theatre, and radio. They are often narrated or read from a script and add more context to a narrative. This can be particularly useful in promotional movie trailers to entice audiences, and they are used for many other things too including commercials, news reports, on-hold messages, audio books, e-learning videos, tourist attractions, event announcements, and even on stage at award presentations.

There are a few key characteristics that all good voice actors should possess, but most importantly they must be natural and convincing. The audience must be able to hear the emotion and tone in their voice, and they should feel it too. This can be difficult to achieve, but it is essential for a successful video or film that relies on a voice over to convey a message.

A great way to find a suitable voice-over is to use the internet, as many production companies advertise their roles on websites. Depending on the type of film or project, the producer may have specific requirements in mind that need to be fulfilled by the voiceover actor. If the film or project is intended to be lighthearted or serious, it is important that the voice-over is appropriately delivered to suit.

Similarly, if a video is going to be used in the education sector it should be delivered at a pace appropriate to the target audience. This is why it is often beneficial to employ the services of a voice-over agency, as they will be experienced in matching the right voice to the required audience.

It is also helpful for a voice actor to have a professional demo reel that they can send to potential clients. This will allow them to highlight their skills and show off their range of abilities, whether they are capable of being a dramatic narrator or more at home with a lighthearted or playful piece. Many voice-over acting courses will provide a demo reel at the end of their course to give newcomers the opportunity to showcase what they are capable of.

Finally, a great voice-over actor will have excellent enunciation and know how to pace their delivery to fit the length of the film or video. It is also important that they are comfortable with speaking at an average speed of 150 words per minute, and that they can adjust this rate if necessary for different projects. For example, the pace that is needed for an explainer video will differ from that of a documentary or commercial, and this is something that an experienced voice-over actor will be able to easily adapt to. voiceovers.uk