What Does a Sex Addiction Therapist Do?

A sex addiction therapist is a licensed mental health professional who can help individuals overcome compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviors. While most people enjoy sex and engage in it from time to time, some become addicted to the activity. When an individual’s obsession with sex interferes with their everyday life and relationships, it can lead to serious consequences, including health and safety issues.

Treatment for sex addiction involves exploring the root causes and finding healthier coping mechanisms. The therapist can help the patient develop a plan for avoiding triggers and developing healthy coping skills. They may also suggest mindfulness approaches that can help the client to be more aware of his or her emotions. Often, sex addiction is used as a coping mechanism for feelings of shame or worthlessness and the therapist can support the client in learning to deal with these difficult emotions.

The most common approach is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT can help an individual learn to recognize the negative consequences of sexual compulsion and identify the underlying cause of their behavior. It can also teach the individual new ways to cope with cravings and urges by finding healthy distractions.

A sex addiction therapist can also treat other underlying conditions that may contribute to the addictive behavior, such as depression or anxiety. The therapist can recommend treatment options that may include medication, such as antidepressants or antipsychotics, or suggest other therapies. These might include family therapy, group therapy, or psychodynamic psychotherapy. sex addiction therapist