What Is a Portable Fire Pump

A portable fire pump is a specialized piece of equipment used in emergency response situations. It is designed to draw water from an external source, like a lake or river, and quickly deliver it with high pressure to extinguish fires or control them until additional resources arrive. They are often used in rural or urban environments where fire hydrants aren’t readily available or functional.

There are a variety of portable fire pumps that are designed to meet the specific needs of each department. The selection process is based on the potential fire hazard, water supply accessibility, and nozzle size requirements. Portable pumps are also available in a variety of engine types, with gasoline and diesel engines being the most common.

Lightweight category portable fire pumps are easy to carry to a site, even over rough terrain. They typically have a single stage centrifugal pump with a simple, low maintenance design that eliminates belts. They are ideal for wild land, home, and cottage fire protection.

Medium volume/medium pressure portable fire pumps have a 2 1/2-inch discharge and suction inlet to provide up to 60 gpm at 90 psi net pump pressure. This provides adequate flow to fill booster tanks on apparatus or to supply 60-gpm fog nozzles. They are also useful for draining cellars and other low areas that collect water.

Large fire fighting pumps have a 3 1/2-inch discharge and suction inlet that can supply up to 150 gpm at 100 psi net pump pressure. These units are useful in structural fires, fire retardant application, and in situations where a permanent water supply is not readily available.