Whipped Soap UK – Awesome Whipped Soap

Whipped Soap has become the new soap trend of the moment, with it’s luscious textures and swirls of bold colour, but that’s not all, it feels fantastic on the skin and even better when fragranced, with essential oils that are incredibly good for you. This Awesome Whipped Soap is full of nourishing ingredients including apricot kernel oil which is known to be a natural skin elixir, boosting skin hydration and elasticity.

This makes a gorgeously rich and decadent soap which can be used for hand washing, in the bath or as a shaving cream – it’s a great way to pamper yourself! This soap has a thick and luxurious feel, with a foaming lather for an undeniably clean and soft finish.

A little goes a long way so one jar will last the average person about a month if used regularly. This is a very simple recipe to follow with only one extra ingredient (instead of the usual sodium lactate) needed, which can be found at most soap supplies.

Suitable for beginners. This recipe is designed to make a Neapolitan whipped soap, and can be customised with a variety of fragrance options, colours and cosmetic clays/glitters and Eco Sparks. This Flexi Style assessment allows for a wide range of possibilities which can make this the perfect recipe for filling a craft table or making a commercial product.

It can be made in a traditional lined wooden mould or a cardboard box liner, waxed or siliconised ‘greaseproof’ paper, or even a plastic kitchen container such as the ‘tupperware’ type. A silicone soap mould would also be fine and is much easier to handle when the soap is ready for pouring. Whipped Soap UK